Create complex mappings



The code below creates a mapping containing joins between source datastores using SQL JOINs. The syntax is identical to the one used in a SQL statement. 



Mapping containing the DISTINCT component can be created using the DISTINCT clause similar to a normal SQL statement. The code below contains a statement that creates an ODI mapping containing a distinct component. Additionally, the code shows the DROP MAPPING statement, how to create multiple physical designs for mapping, and how to create scenarios associated with a physical design. 


The following code snippet creates an ODI mapping containing an Aggregate (group by) component. The creation of the component is triggered by the presence of the GROUP BY clause in the statement.


Sort component in an ODI mapping can be created using the ORDER BY clause in the statement used to create the mapping. The following code snipper shows such a statement. The example uses positional referencing of the expressions used for sort but it is also possible to indicate these expressions using their alias.